StarShiners Case Study

Triple sales during the Black Friday campaign



The challenge


The campaign’s purpose was to triple the number of sales on the 20th of November (compared to the average daily number of conversions) and maintain the same cost/sale.


Moreover, during the pre-Black Friday period, we needed to increase the brand’s association with the “Black Friday” concept.

Strategy and tactics

Based on historical data, we noticed that the classical site visitor behaviour is strongly related to the impulse given by the launch of new fashion items. So, we decided to replicate the buying pattern for Black Friday, but with a changed impulse trigger.


Our strategy was to associate a teasing campaign meant to raise interest for the Black Friday offer with a mechanism that engaged the users to submit their email addresses so that they could be the first ones to find out the special offers.


In order to reach specific targets, we used a combination of online remarketing campaigns (search, display and video) and display campaigns pointing towards specific audiences interested in the Black Friday phenomena.


RLSA Campaigns


Because of the huge volume of queries regarding Black Friday, we decided to bid only on the users who have previously visited the StarShiners website.


The CPC was 20% lower than in the general search campaigns and the CTR was considerably higher.



Remarketing campaigns

In order to achieve the desired number of sales and maintain a low cost per acquisition, we used a combination of remarketing lists that had a high probability to convert.


Based on the Google Analytics data, we decided to retarget users from specific interest categories and bid higher on those lists. Also, we created campaigns focused on users who have previously made a purchase.


Aside from the usual Google AdSense inventory ads, we reached our target who have previously signed up for the Black Friday offers in their Gmail inboxes through the customer match option.

Video campaigns


StarShiners created a special video for this occasion so we created a pre-roll ad campaign.


Using a combination of remarketing lists and Youtube audiences, the users were exposed to the brand message before, during and soon after the 20th of November.





more sales than the average daily number of sales in November


more visitors than the average daily number of visitors in November