Muller Case Study

Generating user engagement through a mix of marketing channels



The challenge


Our main objective was creating an online campaign that could complement the offline strategy, bringing measurable results.


User engagement and brand retention were the main goals to be achieved through the online channel.

Strategy and tactics

In order to achieve the desired goal, we recommended the use of the TV media plan and implementation of bid adjustments. Also, the selection of very targeted audiences was one of the factors that lead to a successful online campaign.


The core of the Muller campaign was a contest in which users had to upload a recipe using Das Kaskaval.


We focused on reaching the user in each step of the funnel. In order to achieve this, we used search campaigns, combined with display and video ads.


Search campaigns


During and soon after the TV ads run, we used time bid adjustments obtaining higher visibility in those particular moments.


Another valuable tactic was using keyword insertion for the queries that contained the name of a recipe.



Display campaigns

Mixing the different types of targeting available on the Google Display Network we managed to reach the right audience.


Based on user behaviour, the site visitors have been subsequently re-exposed to the brand message.


Video campaigns


The video ads were tailored for the online channel, grabbing the user’s attention from the first moment. Using a performance based pricing model, we made sure that we only paid for the valuable impressions.


We ran several ads simultaneously and after a thorough analysis, we decided to focus on the most efficient ones.





more YouTube views than the initial estimate


more impressions

on GDN


new accounts



user-submitted recipes