You can learn new things from every single person you interact with. The key is to listen and observe the world around you. You'll be amazed of what you will discover.

Puzzles and patterns are things that make me click. For me, performance marketing is something similar; analysing thousands of numbers and finding the key. Being able to do that daily, find relevant data and interpret it in a way that brings value to a business, is what makes everyday better than the day before.


Although my first experiences was in an creative agency, I switched to digital marketing without looking back. The fact that you have a direct impact on a certain business and you have control of what happens with your digital campaigns are the things that made me change the course of my career and look into digital marketing.


I like challenges and stay always ready to try a different strategy in order to reach a specific goal.


I like to experiment and see how the same method can give different results for different clients. The tools we have are the same, but the way we use them makes all the difference.


For me, working with clients from various fields and understanding their businesses is a way of learning new things and being up to date about various subjects.



If you are a combination between math and communication, if you love reaching targets, if you like understanding how people act, then say “hello” to us in an email at