We have come to an era when the sophistication of online advertising media technologies forces brands and the online businesses to drive a real change on the communication side. Starting with new skills in marketing, the integration of technologies, data and analytics, and going for new sets of tools, metrics and processes, the “always on” advertiser embraces a new culture. We call it “the performance culture.

I joined the online industry 12 years ago, from the traditional advertising agency side and since then I’ve developed hundreds of campaigns for clients in all fields. When I entered in the online advertising world, although it was during the early ages, I quickly discovered that technology and marketing run best together and that there is a new breed of solutions to solve business challenges.


In 2015 a new idea came to life: EDGE – a performance agency, born from a performance culture, with performance driven people, under the roof of a performance company. Today, I enjoy developing smart and effective solutions for our clients, together with people from 2Parale/2Performant.



If you are a combination between math and communication, if you love reaching targets, if you like understanding how people act, then say “hello” to us in an email at